Back on track

So my last post was just a tad bit whiny/feeling sorry for myself  🙂

I am getting re-motivated and back on track now.

-Rethinking my diet (I took out red meat, most dairy, and sugars. Eating more fermented veggies)

-Moving again. I joined the gym and am doing water classes and swimming 3x a week.
I was trying yoga, and loved it, but I need to get my hands more in check. Most of my pain has been residing in my hands and wrists, so it just wasn’t working, and giving me too much recovery time needed. Water classes are perfect for me!

-Adding some supplements into my mix (higher levels of C, hemp oil, boswellia,  and looking into Hyaluronic  acid, Nopal Cactus, and Graviola.)

-Planning out a juicing detox

I feel better, but still haven’t nailed it yet.
Full on fasting and detox may help bunches…
But I am losing weight again which is wonderful 🙂