Beat the Pain

RA warrior posted a blog today entitled “How Do You Keep the Disease from Taking Over?”

It does get hard when you are in constant pain to just not to give up and fall in a pit…

Some things I do to get through it:
1. When I feel up to it I love being outdoors. It is easy to get wrapped up in yourself  and your pain when you are laying around indoors. Out in nature it easy to forget about it just a little
2. I hug a furry butt. My animal kids almost always can make me smile.
3. I recognize how awesome my husband is. So many RA folks have to deal with everything without a partner to help them. I just can’t imagine being without mine.
4. Artsy stuff! When my hands cooperate I do photography, sketching, make music. It is a awesome outlet. 🙂
5. Friends. A support system that kicks ass is super important. I recently moved and I miss having them there for me so much.
6. Ignore the haters. Whether it is family, internet people, “friends”…If they stress you out..just do your best to ignore their comments. I am still working on this one 🙂

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