Whiney post- trying to find holistic help that won’t make me bankrupt

So I try to keep positive, but sometimes it gets so frustrating when things don’t work out.

I was super exited to have medical insurance again. There is a place called Northeast Internal and Integrative Medicine, a holistic medical center,  that actually takes my insurance, and offers alternative treatments that I know could make me feel better without all the nasty RX drugs shutting down my body. It is also only a mere 2.5 miles from my new home in Concord NC.  Perfect right?

So I call today. They aren’t taking any new patients.

Instant breakdown…

I really need an integrative MD. I saw an ND for some time, spent over a thousand dollars we didn’t have, and ended up taking very little away from the experience. The only other integrative MDs cost hundred of dollars out of pocket, just to talk to you(no tests), don’t take any insurance, and are far away to boot.

I have done everything I can do by myself…
I simply need more help….
I know I am doing better than many other RA folks by living the way I do, but it isn’t enough.
I am unable to find the solution to my disease by myself, and until I find it I will continually have pain and illness.

I called the center one last time, and asked to be added to the waiting list.
“It’s long”.
Of course it is..:(



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