North Carolina Lawmakers Kill Medical Marijuana Bill After It Receives Annoying Level Of Support

So disappointing!

“The GOP-controlled North Carolina House Rules Committee killed a medical marijuana legalization bill earlier this week, after lawmakers complained that backers of the measure were bothering them with requests for their support.”


First Post!

Just a warning. I tend to ramble..and  ignore proper punctuation ..mostly due to momentary excitement or sometimes swollen RA fingers 🙂

So I finally finished setting up this website to track my RA health issues and to bitch and moan a little ..Most likely I should have just set up a blog spot or some other random pre made blog, but I am geeky, so any excuse for a new website….
I seriously have a domain addiction problem.

I recently moved across the country from Arizona to North Carolina. Between poor eating, stress, and extra activity my body has been in so much pain. I have been the flare princess.
I am back on track with my food ,  eating AI Paleo, and found an ND that seems to be on the ball.
This is definitely the worse I have been since I was diagnosed, but I am working on it, and determined to get myself more mobile.
More icky medical details soon!